EP0 - Portrait : Patricia Leavy on Arts-Based Research

April 2020

We meet with Patricia Leavy, editor of the Handbook of Arts-Based Research (Guilford Press, 2018), to ask her six questions about the emergence, definition, methodologies, challenges and future of ABR. We also discuss the importance of getting research out of the academia through public scholarship, as well as her personal fiction-based research practice, which has led her to publish many social fiction novels.

Dr. Patricia Leavy is an independent sociologist, best-selling author and editor. She has published extensively in the field of qualitative and mixed methods research and is a leading proponent of Arts-Based Research (ABR). Using fiction-based research as one of her methods, she has published critically acclaimed novels, including the Candy Floss Collection, a 2020 edition of three of her previous social fiction books.

*This episode has been produced within the constraints of the COVID-19 lockdown and with limited access to our habitual recording resources. We thank you for your understanding.

Patricia Leavy - Personal Website

Handbook of Arts-Based Research - Guildford Press, 2018

Method Meets Art Third Edition - Guilford Press, 2020

The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research Second Edition - Oxford University Press, 2020

The Oxford Handbook of Methods for Public Scholarship - Oxford University Press, 2019

Candy Floss Collection - Brill, 2020*
*The publisher is offering a 25% discount plus free shipping on Candy Floss Collection for those in the US or Canada using the following promo code : 71176 (valid through June 1, 2020).

Low-Fat Love Stories - Sense Publishers, 2017

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